A Blog Challenge – #WaterforCola – Helping Columbia Have Safe Drinking Water After the SC Floods

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you have probably seen the news that South Carolina has experienced 1 in a 1000 year flood conditions.  Areas of the state are devastated. It’s awful, friends from far off… absolutely horrific.

Yes, the Lowcountry, where I live has been hit hard in so many places, but the Columbia, SC area has a public health crisis on their hands due to flooding.

Their water treatment plants have been shut down. Some official estimations have no clean water in Columbia for possibly up to two weeks.

And that’s where you and I can help out.  I’m hoping to get this trending because I feel it’s catchy… at least trending locally. And maybe it won’t happen at all and another clever idea of mine falls flat. Story of my life!

Let’s start a #WaterforCola hashtag and get this going. (See, Cola is sometimes used to abbreviate Columbia…)

Water Missions International is an awesome non-profit here in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.  They help provide clean drinking water all over the world.  I wrote about them last Spring as our church plant was busy helping raise money for Water Missions Sunday.

Now, Water Missions is trying to help relieve the water crisis in our home state by providing water systems temporarily in the Columbia and Midlands where water service has been interrupted. They are asking for simple donations of money or very practical donations of clean, unused water jugs and containers.  Here’s their Facebook post.


I’m issuing a challenge to all my blog readers.  The #WaterforCola challenge is on!  You all know I love coffee… probably a border line obsession.  I am a Gold Level Starbucks customer many times over. I budget a set amount of money each month to pre-load my Starbucks card so I can earn stars and earn free coffee and feed my addiction.  I satisfy my sweet, sugary latte addiction way too often…

I’m going to give up my Caramel Macchiatos, my Toasted Graham Lattes, and yes, even the seasonal king of coffee – my Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and donate that money I’ve got budgeted in either cash or water containers. This needs to be done BY FRIDAY of this week people (10/9/15). I’m challenging you to buy a container or give up a latte or two and donate your coffee money, too.  #WaterforCola people! This is the time for us to provide for our neighbors – giving them clean water until life gets back to some sort of normalcy for them.

This month it’s going to be regular coffee at home… and the wonderful brew of Coastal Coffee at church on Sundays.  It’ll be good for the people of Columbia, and honestly, good for my wasteline, too… so many less calories and sugar this month. Who knows? Maybe this will break a bad habit in the process, too.

#WaterforCola. Let’s get it trending! Share this post and hashtag it… If you don’t share anything else of mine this year or next, share this one.

Here is the link for Water Missions International Disaster Donations: http://www.watermissions.org/disaster

Locally, you can take containers to their headquarters in North Charleston.

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