My First Lent – Sunday Music – Let Us Break Bread Together


Today is fourth Sunday of Lent. I hope you were able to worship this weekend in some manner. I’ve written much about the Eucharist and the taking of the Lord’s Supper recently, so I thought the song for this week could be appropriate. It’s a spiritual called Let Us Break Bread Together.

This African American spiritual is simple and stirring. It repeats a form of what is known as the Kyrie, an ancient liturgical expression translated into English as Lord, have mercy.

Let Us Break Bread Together has a history back to the 18th century. Some sources know it was sung by Virginian slaves, yet there is a well documented history of it tracing it’s origins to the Lowcountry of South Carolina, the region I call home. The link provides more information. It was also associated in the 19th century with the Underground Railroad. It was a song sung by people excluded, people oppressed, people denied basic rights.

Reflect on it, reflect on our current times, and recite the Kyrie with all your heart – Lord, have mercy!