My First Lent – Day 17 – Puddles


My Puddle of Thoughts…

You know, I used to like the sound of that phrase and realized my blog was full of this and that. I’m not a one topic blogger. Usually what I write is faith oriented, but not always. Sometimes motherhood, sometimes current events, sometimes the juxtaposition of all of that and more.

But as I sit here unsure of what to write, I was thinking about puddles. And how appropriate that image is for this season in my life.

Puddles are messy. They can be deep or just pretty shallow.

You can see through the puddles to what lies beneath, or sometimes, they are as clear as mud.

At times all you want to do is splash and play and enjoy a lighthearted moment.

And yet other times, the puddle is a sign there was a storm just recently.

A puddle can flow quickly and easily to a larger body of water.  Or sometimes it’s just a stand alone collection of water.

I’m tired. My brain is kinda crowded with so many other things right now. And as much as I’d like to write something deep and lasting for today, I’m at a loss.

I’m pondering thoughts on forgiveness. I’m wanting to detail more about our desires as we look for a new church. I want to engage in a discussion about the future of the American Church and the changes that are on the horizon. I want to talk about my theological shifts. I want to tell you about the time Jesus came to our Sunday School class. I want to talk about the diet and exercise of the Christian life. I want to challenge you on your view of God. I want to write another installment of blogging the Gospels, but the research into what I’m reading is overwhelming and my time lately is so limited.

This was to be a season of reflection; a time to slow down and ponder about the days leading to Easter and Resurrection Day.

My puddles of thoughts… I’m going to take my boots off, quit splashing, and dry out.

I’ve a presentation on Monday to finish preparing, a book to review, and a family I’d like some time with this weekend. Then maybe this writer’s block will clear away.

God’s peace go with you!