My First Lent – Day 15 – Tired of the Bleakness of Winter?


I think after the winter this country has had, we can all agree we are ready for it to be over… The ice, cold, freezing rain, and snow for many of you. Chances are that your area of the country has had some nasty weather.

Winter can be bleak. The grass is brown, the trees are empty, and there are few flowers. The ground is frozen and hard. The beauty of nature is hidden as most things are dormant or appear dead.

It’s fitting Lent takes place during the last days of winter. We are reminded of our natural condition… Dying and bleak… The beauty of being God’s creation found dormant in our souls.  Dusty ashes are placed on foreheads.

But there is good news, friends. New life is ours for the taking. Lent points us to the completed work on the cross and resurrection… old life becoming new, transformed. The ashes on the forehead – in the shape of a cross. The cross is where death was defeated. Love and life won!

Lent is a great time of reflection on this as we transition out of the bleakness of winter into the beauty of spring.

Cheer up, my winter weary friends. Spring is quickly approaching! Old life will become new!


Enjoy the musical reminder below. He makes beautiful things out of the dust!  Beautiful Things by Gungor


Just a note: the next few days will be lighter in content as I prepare a talk I’m giving at a MOPS group here in town.