Where Is Your Treasure?


I’m endeavoring to write more often. And to do so, I realize I can’t always sit down at the computer. So, I’ve pulled out a couple old journals to just scribble notes in from time to time.

I pulled one out today that had been given to me from a mentor in my MOPS group a couple years ago. I never have used this journal.  She had written a small note on the first few pages, that in re-reading, I felt the power of her simple message. I’m sharing it with you all now. I hope it speaks to you as well.

Where Is Your Treasure?

When I was very young and saw a rainbow, I could not enjoy the beauty of the rainbow. Thinking about the golden treasure at the end of the rainbow consumed me.

Of course as I got older came the reality of no golden treasure at the end of the rainbow, but there were “other things” that consumed me and distracted me from seeking the treasure of God’s love for me.

A life of heartache, defeats, betrayals and disappointments caused me to develop a mindset of never being good enough and never finding anyone to truly love just me.

Matthew 6:21 ” For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

While reading this scripture one day, I stopped to ponder these words. What is my greatest treasure and where is my heart?

I whispered a prayer to God along with these words, “Father God, where is your treasure?”

Jesus would surely be His answer.

To my surprise, I heard His voice whisper these words back to me – “You are my treasure!”

Nothing in this world and this side of Heaven would ever be the same for me.

My treasure had been there all along, not at the end of the rainbow, but at the foot of the cross.

“For God so loved” – words found in John 3:16 – were words just for me. My Treasure!

Mandi, you are also His treasure!

And then she signed it.

Re-reading this today made me smile. It made me think of everything I’ve been through the last few years and how God has been speaking to me ever so quietly in so many different ways. It sometimes just takes me a little while to listen.

Peace to you all.