In Lieu of a Card…

Livingston (30)

I just didn’t do it… I forgot to get cards printed.  I had nice photographs taken, and no cards.  So in lieu of a card, please read along. A poem for you – Yes, I wrote this today.  Instead of cleaning!  My apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

Twas the Week Before Christmas by Mandi Livingston

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through my mind, a to do list was forming of tasks of all kind.

The laundry was sorted in piles so high, in hopes that a Christmas elf would fold, wash, and dry.

The children were playing outside in the rain. So what that it’s cold? Playtime’s good for the brain.

I’m in my sweat pants; Eric’s working from home. I rather be drinking a latte topped with sweet foam!

Instead I realize my house is still quite the mess, so I crawl from my bed, yes, under duress.

Away to the bathroom I spring like a flash, Pulling gloves on my hands to avoid a nasty rash.

The bleach in the toilets; the faucets will shine! No toothpaste on counters, especially mine!

The bathtubs will sparkle like holiday lights! But will it stay clean through the next few short nights?

I quickly banish those thoughts from my head, and walk down the hall to vacuum instead.

Then off to the kitchen, to clean dirty dishes. A maid would be nice. Can I add Christmas wishes?

Oh children! Yes, Katie! Yes Jonah & Anna! Pick up all your shoes or I’ll go bananas!

Now go clean your rooms, under beds, against walls. Toys? Put away! Put away! Put away all!

I look all around and there’s so much still to do, including making lunch for my sweet little crew.

But then I discover I need to buy food! Ugh, the supermarket this week could sour my mood!

I promise myself I will will stick to my list. Soon I’ll head to the store in the fog and the mist.

I’ll visit the Starbucks for a hot cup of Joe, checking marks on my list, down the aisles I’ll go.

In the car singing songs, I let my mind drift. Thanks, holiday songs… oh, and of course, Taylor Swift!

I’ll Shake Off the stress, the grey skies, and slight draft. And come back to my home to my kids playing Minecraft.

The tree – how it twinkles! The decor, so merry!  With my to do list so long, I can’t really tarry.

We’ll wrap presents tonight, my husband and I. But behind closed doors for the children will spy!

The dryer – it buzzes. The kitchen’s a wreck.  I look at my list – those items were checked?!

The tasks never end – I think to myself. And to top it all off, did I move our elf?

Tomorrow with Granny, the kids and I bake – Rice Krispies and fudge and cookies to make!

Then we’ll wrap a bit more and slip into bed. Christmas Eve morning, to the Midlands we head.

The rush will be worth it with family together. Memories we’ll make that we’ll always treasure.

In the car, we will head back to ole Summerville, Playing Christmas carols of peace and good will.

The next day will come early, for it’s Christmas morn’. With family & friends, we’ll celebrate a baby that was born.

And so my to do list should be rather small… to love all my family and wish peace to you all!

Livingston (55)