Kicking and Screaming – Part 1

I hate it when my kids argue with me. One of those parenting annoyances that just gets really under my skin. And some times, I don’t even realize that it has begun. My oldest, a 6 year old, is exceptionally good at arguing, but she does it as more of a “negotiation” and halfway into the conversation, I’m suddenly aware that she’s just really arguing in her own way. My little one, who is 2.5 years old, just has started saying no when I ask her to do something. But a stern look tends to turn her around and she gives up quickly. My middle child, the only boy and a 4 year old, just will plain out and out argue. And we end up with some corrective action very frequently, much to his distaste.

As an adult, I tend to think “Why?” Do they really think they are going to win? They know how this is going to end, so why bother? Yes, they are young, not completely rational, and learning to express their opinions and emotions. But still… I am sooo glad that I’m not like that?!

Oh, but wait. I am. I am completely like a child when it comes to listening to God lately. He and I have gone back and forth and back and forth.  And in the end, I am no different than my children. Again, like I’ve expressed so many times, there is a reason the Bible calls us God’s children. The Father/Child analogy that is in the Bible is accurate on so many levels. I have fought with God on two things lately. Argued back and forth.


“I Don’t Want To!”


“Do I have to??!?!?”

The first instance where I have argued lately is about serving as Coordinator of my MOPS group – AGAIN. I am starting my fifth year on steering, and this will be my third year coordinating. Wow? Surprised I admitted that I didn’t really want to coordinate this year? “But don’t you love MOPS?” I do, I do. I am passionate about MOPS.

So much so, I really want to move to Field Leadership, where I can put what I’ve learned in my five years on steering into practice in a larger area and help other groups. But I know my limits, and I can’t coordinate and serve in field leadership. I need to focus on homeschooling my kids, and sometimes, serving as Coordinator distracts me from that – or interrupts my day. And honestly, a part of me, is just tired and ready to turn over the reigns. We have a large group. Over 80 moms and 110 kids in Moppets. I have 10 girls on steering that I oversee. From there we have 8 table leaders, 8 care team members, and the job sometimes is overwhelming. I started praying last January – “God, send a new coordinator. Let her have x, y, and z qualifications.” And He answered clearly, “Why is that not you? Do you not meet those criteria?” Sigh. “But, God, I’m burned out.” And you know what I heard, “Let Me re-light that fire.” Can’t argue with that, huh?

Oh, but I did. Up until the week of our steering retreat, where we plan our MOPS year out, I was still arguing. But, our home church has some awesome plans for outreach, my steering team is excited, and I am content in knowing that I am where I need to be this year. My desire to serve as a Field Leader in MOPS is strong, but God had other plans right now. I firmly believe that every mom needs a friend, and every leader needs a chance to grow, and every church needs a MOPS group. But ultimately, every mom needs Jesus, and for now, I need to focus on the moms at Crossroads MOPS… Finish the job God had for me there… And quit arguing.

On a side note: If someone reading this interprets that serving as coordinator is tough, yeah, it can be from time to time. But, it is worth it. I really do enjoy giving to so many as leader of our MOPS group. If you feel a call to serve, don’t let me discourage you. I’ve made some of my best friends in life serving in MOPS. Friends I know will be there till we are old and gray, maybe even serving as mentors in our kids MOPS group. I have learned so much about myself, about God, seen my faith increase, seen lives changed… All because I said yes to serving. And I know that this year, I’ll see more of that – so I’ve stopped arguing about it with God.

About the other point of contention I’ve had recently with God… That will wait until next time.

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