Staying Home and Missing "Prom"

This week the “mother” of all mommy conferences is taking place in Dallas, Texas. MOPS Convention 2012 is taking place August 9-11 – this week. And for the first time in 4 years, I am not going. I’m not going to lie to you. To me, it is pretty devastating. A bit depressing, even. And each time I see someone mention #MOPSCv on Twitter or Facebook, a little twinge of jealousy creeps into the back of my mind.

I’ve extensively written about my MOPS Convention experiences. I am a MOPS Convention groupie. The only reason I’m missing this year is my extra money to go to Convention turned into an unexpected dental procedure fund. Bummer. That will teach me to floss regularly.

This year they are having all sorts of great speakers, a Mom Prom with recording artist Plumb, tons of great looking workshops, and incredible worship with Christy Nockels.

I think MOPS Convention has been special to me – maybe more so than others who have gone – is that for that short time span of Convention, I have no distractions. My kids are back at home with my husband (he’s a hottie! Yeah, that was a shout out to last year’s speaker Kathi Lipp.) No distractions – none. None of that daily grind. It is the one weekend of the year that I can focus solely on my needs – as a person, a mother, a wife, a leader. And the corporate worship – thousands of moms worshiping together led by the likes of Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, or Travis Cottrell. It is Divine.

I have never heard God speak more clearly to me than at MOPS Convention – year after year after year. And I think that is what I am so incredibly saddened to miss. That one opportunity I get each year to recharge my batteries – and I so desperately need it.

I’ve really been struggling as Convention week inched closer on the calendar. And I thought I would avoid social media this week so I didn’t have to be constantly reminded that I am missing out on my favorite event of the year. I was going to put my head in the sand, pretend I didn’t know what MOPS Convention was, and just have a pity party as I stay home and miss “the Prom.”

But, you know what – I think God has a better plan. And I was convicted about this last night – way after I should have been asleep, but I wasn’t. Instead of wallowing in my pity party about missing this opportunity, I need to be praying.

Praying for the staff of MOPS International as they put the final touches on Convention. Praying for the Field Leaders who will arrive early for special training, so they can go back home and support local groups like my own (Can’t wait to join that group one day!). Praying for the moms travelling from across the globe to get their chance to be recharged and refreshed and go back home ready to spread the “gospel” of MOPS in their communities. Praying for the Board of Directors as they meet about guiding MOPS International. Praying for the speakers – both General Session and Workshops – that they are given words by God to touch lives. Praying for Christy Nockels as she leads worship. Praying for the other entertainment. Praying for the steering teams who will bond this weekend. Just praying. Praying that it is a successful, safe, and spiritually uplifting weekend for the few thousand attendees.

I am going to pray that this is the BEST #MOPSCv ever – even if I miss it. So, as I stay home in Summerville, SC, this week – tending to my family, planning for my MOPS year, and running errands, I’m there in spirit. I’m uplifting you all in prayer. Rock it, ladies! You’ll have the time of your life!

Will you join me in praying for the 2012 MOPS Convention this week?

(Picture above is most of MOPS @ Crossroads Community Church Summerville, SC steering team that went to MOPSCv 2011)

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6 responses to “Staying Home and Missing "Prom"

  1. Can't wait for you to join Field Leadership! I will be praying for you and the others like you who want so badly to be there but cannot. I will pray that God may refresh and encourage all of you right where you are!!

  2. I will miss you, Mandi. And I appreciate your prayers. It will be odd to not run into you at some point, but I will make a few shout-outs to you – keep watching #MOPScv!

  3. Mandi – I want to send a little of MOPScv to you. email me at with your address and I'm going to send you my two latest books, Praying God's Word for You (hottie) Husband and The get Yourself Organized Project. I love your heart and look forward to seeing you at future conventions!

  4. I am right there with you missing convention. It is a time to grow as a mom, woman and wife. Not only recharge time but a spiritual growth. As worship happens each day and you are among wonderful woman who empower each other.

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