Getting Real… Be Warned

A friend of mine said something to me the other day that was so utterly profound. I don’t know if she made it up our not, but regardless, it resonated with me ever since. She said, “Don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.”

Honestly, that is what blogging and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and social media tend to be: our highlight reel. I would wager that 99% of us utilizing social media rarely get real and offer true transparency. Then again, is that any different than our real lives?

But what makes it worse with social media is that we are often opening a fact of our lives up to near and total strangers so of course we wish to only highlight the positive aspects.

How many mommy bloggers have it together as much as their lives appear to be? Seriously? I read 100 blog entries about how all meals are organic, bought with coupons, prepared weeks in advance as freezer meals, and easily complete the food pyramid. Not a drop of high fructose syrup, fast food fries, or pop tart enters a mouth in those houses.

They train up their children to model Biblical behavior without ever the need to raise their voice, homeschool everyday, wake up at 5am to exercise and have their morning Bible study, shuffle the kids throughout the day to various activities, prepare and deliver a meal to a new mom, volunteer on a committee at their church, are super organized throughout their immaculate house, and manage to try a new Pinterest craft at least once a week. Oh, and they still have enough energy to have sex with their husbands more than once a week.

And they blog all about it, tweet the blog, share it on Facebook, and it arrives in my email box just as I realize we are out of milk, my husband had to work late, I’m cleaning up dried up French fries from under the dining room table (probably from last week), trying to order a pizza, and yelling at the kids as i breakup an argument over who gets to be the #1 controller on the Wii to play Super Mario. Did I mention I am in the same pair of jeans i wore the last four days because i haven’t done laundry in a week? Good thing i haven’t worked out. Those yoga pants don’t wash themselves. Febreeze, what would i do without you? I have to have something to wear for my MOPS meeting tomorrow that smells fresh.

And now my kids are crying. I probably shouldn’t have yelled… Again. A soft answer turns away wrath. I read that in my devotion, uh, um… A couple weeks ago. Yep… I need to quit ignoring that reminder from my Bible app.

If only i wasn’t always so tired… I could do better at Bible study. I could exercise. I wouldn’t be stressed so much. My anxiety would not be overwhelming at times. I wouldn’t feel so… Depressed? I might be a more attentive wife. I would be a nicer mommy. I would be sally homemaker. I might be like that perfect mom on those blogs.

Wait. Stop. Don’t compare my behind the scenes to someone’s highlight reel. Very few people know any of those perfect mommy bloggers. Those highlights we read about on their blogs, their Facebook, their Pinterest… It is exactly a highlight. My life would look really good, too, if you only saw the highlights.

But that isn’t who I am. I am a very flawed person. I have always blogged to work out my problems, and Lord knows, I have plenty right now. I feel pretty crazy at times, like i am about to lose it. I’m going to work through it. It won’t be pretty. I am going to let you see behind the scenes more. I need that accountability… And i think some of you will appreciate that you aren’t alone either behind the scenes. All i know is that I need to do this.

5 responses to “Getting Real… Be Warned

  1. Thank you for posting this! There are many times, when I read others “highlight reels”, that I feel that I am SO un-organized/behind/out of control that its depressing. It is really refreshing/heartening to see that I'm not the only one who doesn't have it put together and that its ok. Thank you!

  2. Love you so much!! I pray for you continually. You are quite the young lady putting yourself out there for others. God is going to use you in a mighty way. I am so proud of you!!

  3. Yep! This is why I try to blog about my real life and only tend to read the mom blogs of people I know. That makes it easier for me to keep all of this in perspective.

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