Pet peeves

Okay, so every now and then I just have to vent. Usually, I try to stay positive and upbeat. But lately, there have been a few little things that just irritate me. Here they are in no particular order. I’ll blame my current illness for my crankiness here…

1. Non-homeschoolers who say, “so, what curriculum are you using?” Seriously? First of all, there are a million different types of  curriculums out there. If you are not a homeschooler, do you even know one? five? Ten? I am into just one year of homeschooling, and I am still discovering all the offerings. I think next time I am asked that, I am just going to make one up. No one would know anyway.

2. Homeschooling parents who obsess over curriculum choices. Especially for really young kids. Your kid is in kindergarten and you are frantic about getting just the right curriculum and method of schooling? Seriously, you won’t screw the kids up… Kids are adaptable, and the beauty of schooling at home is the flexibility. You start down a path that doesn’t work, and you can always just try something new and catch up rather nicely. Seriously, the forums for homeschoolers are full of anal retentive types who are building up to a heart attack, or at least high blood pressure, over the spelling book they want to use! Chill, please…

3. The term “clique” annoys me. A group of people that develop friendships from working together on a regular basis is not a clique. You have a common goal, you work toward it, you are bound to develop a bond of sorts. So, you hang out after all is said and done, and suddenly, you are a clique. Hmm… How about friends, instead?
Friendships are based on commonalities, mutual respect, similar interests, life experiences, and a dash of chemistry…

4. Gossip that is cloaked as “concern.” Seriously? If you are concerned about someone or something they did, how about do the scriptural thing, or just the decent thing, and go to that person about it. Don’t go to all sorts of different people and share your “concern” or “prayer request.”

5. People that feel it is their right to “quiz” my homeschooled child to see what they have been learning. Seriously, stop.

6. Tolerant people… Quit saying you are for tolerance, when you clearly are not tolerant of opposing views.

7. People who have to play the victim all the time. If you are consistently losing friends, maybe you need to be wiser at choosing them or possibly look in the mirror?

8. Mothers who are more concerned with their own desires and don’t see the harm they are causing their children by trying to fulfill those desires. I know pregnant moms, single moms, nuclear moms that just ignore all sorts of advice and professional opinions because it doesn’t mesh with what they want.

9. iPhone user superiority complex. You non iPhone users know what I mean.

10. People who “think outloud” on social media. Going through a breakup, family drama, betrayal of sorts? A mention or two is acceptable. Days, Weeks, months of ad naseum posts or tweets can start to be a little much. And when couples snipe back and forth… Gracious! Spare the world, please!

11. People who disagree with something you say on social media, and preach at you but end their comment or reply with some superfluous nicety that you you would look like a jerk if you tried to nicely respond back.

12. Being so self righteous that you call a pot luck a pot blessing or something similar. Heaven forbid we use the word luck. Or even understand how the phrase originated… Wonder if the new  Colts quarterback should change his name, too?

That is probably enough of my pet peeves for now… I promise, I’ll be more positive next time…

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