Down this road before…

Some roads are great for traveling over and over. Others, not so much. And today, I find myself on the road of pain and hurt all over again.

Saw Casting Crowns at the Women of Joy Conference on Saturday night. It’s been two years, but Praise You in This Storm still brings tears. The rest of the concert was amazing and a blessing. God has blessed them with such talent and the ability to reach so many with their music.

I woke up yesterday, and that’s the start of this most recent journey… and I just have to concentrate on Praise You in This Storm. It’s playing over and over in my head. I can’t fall into the pit of despair this time. I can’t. I have to remember to praise the God who gives… and who takes away.

One response to “Down this road before…

  1. I cannot get you & your husband off my mind. Please know that we are praying for you and here if you need anything. I am so so so sorry…it is so difficult to understand situations like this.

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