Containing my Inner Geek

It’s hard to do at times. For much of my life, I’ve been a sci-fi geek. And for most of that time, I’ve tried to hide it. I had my geek life, where I went to sci-fi conventions, joined sci-fi clubs, even donned a uniform or two. I practically memorized the Star Trek Compendium, and could tell you what season each of the 79 original Trek episodes belonged to. I had a teen-girl crush on Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. I waited for midnight showings of the Star Wars prequels. I participated in IRC discussions about Star Trek and I could tell you the actual self destruct command sequence for the USS Enterprise.

And then I had my normal, everyday, mundane life. The very large majority of my friends and coworkers and even most family, did not know I was a card-carry member of a sci-fi club. They didn’t realize the passion I had for most things sci-fi, but especially Star Trek. I remember once Eric and I got very serious, one night I told him that I needed to really talk. We sat in his car and I told him that I was going to tell him something about myself that I tried to hide and was a bit embarrassed about. The look on his face was ashen. I think he thought I was about to reveal that I had two secret kids and an arrest record or something like that. When I told him I was a huge trek fan, even an officer in a fairly large Star Trek organization, he just laughed. And then he said, “I know that. You liked that stuff in high school.” And then I was surprised that I must not have hidden that part of my life as well as I thought. He married me anyway, so he loves me inner geek and all.

Since having kids, though, I kinda did the Paul thing, and “put away childish things.” Sure, I still enjoy sci-fi and adored the recently concluded Battlestar Galactica series. But, I left the fandom community, so to speak. Gave up my card-carrying membership in fandom. I had really left trek fandom before this, however, as the latest movies and series just were plain awful. So, it was easy for me to give it up for the most part. Even the new Star Wars movies were highly disappointing. Containing my inner geek became easy.

But, with the new Star Trek movie premiering this week, I have found myself battling my inner geek. I am super excited to see this “reboot” of the Trek genre because from every review I’ve read it sounds spectacular. You don’t even have to be a geek to like it is what most reviewers have said. Entertainment Weekly even went so far to say Star Trek, Not for Geeks Anymore So, I think I felt okay that I wanted to see this movie so badly.

But today, the day I get to go see it, is when I have found the inner geek hard to contain. From what they say, this reboots everything we know about Star Trek. It’s a Time Travel story, so something does happen in the story that potentially can change everything we know about the Star Trek universe. And that makes my inner geek nervous. Eric has already laughed at me about this concern of mine. But it’s taking something that was such a large part of my life (even if hidden) and changing it. I could really geek out on you here and start to name all the changes that might occur in the 23rd and 24th century but that would be highly embarrassing. I’m trying to contain my inner geek. I really am. But what if something happens and there is no General Order 7, and what if something happens and it changes the timeline and Kirk isn’t where he needs to be to save this planet or this civilization or stop Vger or the Whale Probe or allow for peace to occur with the Klingons or prevents Picard from being born or keeps Sisko from being the emmisary? AHAHHAH!!

It’s too much to think about, and honestly, it’s too much to contain, today. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to being the grown up and mom-focused person that I am. But for today, for at least a few hours, I’ll suddenly be pulling all sorts of useless knowledge from my head and worrying about the fate of the universe and the 23rd century.

3 responses to “Containing my Inner Geek

  1. Ha! That is so funny. I must say I cannot relate to this post in the least because I do not like anything Sci-fi. Having said that I am a sucker for paranormal activity kinda stuff like X-files…stuff that I find possible. Don't worry, we all have that inner geek for various reasons. Thanks for the good laugh. I needed it.

  2. Well I can relate to the crush on Wil Wheaton. He was a hot geek for sure. All that other stuff went RIGHT over my head. LOL. He does have a nice blog and he is on Twitter. ::sigh:: And CONGRATS on BABY #3!

  3. Do you remember when we pored over that Compendium? Wow, that brings back some memories of sleepovers. I used to be so proud that I knew every episode by name and the number – I still don't think dear hubby believes me that we started learning Klingon! lol

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