Kids say the darndest things

Having children of my own, I can fully attest to the things that children say. Here’s a few snippets of K’s greatest hits these past few weeks.

After realizing that little girls don’t have breasts, but they will when they grow up: “One day when I’m a real big girl and one day when I’m older, I’m going to have big boobies and I’ll be able to nurse J.” It’s hard not to laugh, really. I told her that she might be able to nurse her own babies but when she’s bigger and older, J will be, too, and won’t be nursing then. She looked at me like, Whatever!

When explaining to K what the rings on my left hand mean: “One day I’m going to be married and have rings just like that! And then I’m going to have a Blue Vette. And I’m going to drive it everywhere. And Daddy can have one just like me and drive with me!” I had to tell Eric that one right away. Considering my husband drools over every Corvette he sees, he was pleased to hear K’s prognostication that he will one day have one.

And the kicker (there actually is another funny one, but Eric would kill me if I put it here online for the world to read), so I’ll end with this one. K and J are in the bath the other night. J stands up and is banging on the wall having fun. He suddenly begins to peepee into the bath water. K looks and proclaims, “Mommy, there’s water coming out of J’s peanut!” We’ve been trying to teach her the proper name for body parts, and well, I guess to her it sounds like peanut. They’ll just love this story when they both get older… 🙂

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  1. Those are great! I recently said, No way, Jose' to Thomas. He stopped dead in his tracks and said VERY seriously, “I'm not Jose' I'm Thomas.” Gotta love these kids!

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