Things not to say

So, add this to a things not to say list….

I’m in Walmart today with Katie and I run into some lady from my homeowners association. She mentioned that Katie sure was getting bigger and Katie waved to her and blew her a kiss. It was a cute moment. Then she asked, “How old is she now?” I replied, “She just turned One two weeks ago.” Her next comment felt like a punch in the gut to me… “Oh, well, it’s time to start thinking about another one then!” All I could do was meekly reply, “Yeah, we’ve discussed that.” Yes, she didn’t know that I *was* pregnant and lost the baby. It was an innocent remark on her part. But everyone, add that to a list of things not to say in general conversation. You never know when it comes to the subject of procreation what someone may be struggling with.

Before Eric and I had Katie, we always got the “When are you going to start a family” conversation from people. I always thought it was rude because how did they know we weren’t having problems in that area? We weren’t, but it could have been a sore subject. That’s why I never bug any of my friends about it.And now, this… And it’s only been the last couple days that I haven’t cried, and it was all I could do not to tear up in the middle of the produce section at Walmart today.

So, unless you really know someone and their circumstances, don’t make jokes or comments about the topic of having kids. You never know what someone might be going through.